Key Indicator Data System

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The Key Indicator Data System (KIDS) has been developed by the World Agriculture Information Centre ([ WAICENT]) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

KIDS is a software framework that provides the ability to implement thematic information systems that collect, reference, visualize, exchange and disseminate statistical, survey and indicator data. Visualization is possible through tables, mapping, raster images and graphs. Basic GIS overlay and legend editing functions are available for non-GIS users.

KIDS was developed originally for the purpose of collecting, mapping and disseminating food insecurity and vulnerability indicators that are relevant to FIVIMS. The Asia FIVIMS information system, using the KIDS framework, allows the analysis and visual display of data collected at different levels of aggregation, and can help the monitoring and surveillance of the food and nutrition situation over time. Moreover, The software contributes to increased awareness of FIVIMS and improved food security information management and exchange at national, regional and international levels.

From its origin, the KIDS framework has subsequently been used to implement thematic information systems for the collection, monitoring and visualization of livestock production and health, transboundary animal diseases, agricultural land-use, global body mass index, food security and vulnerability, early warning, fisheries statistics, terrestrial ecosystems monitoring, plant genetic resources, country office information, field projects, nutrient response and is used in satellite imagery meteorological systems. The use and enhancement of the framework is healthfully expanding, with a new major version update coming into production September 2005.

KIDS is available in open-source, downloadable from the download tab on this site as well as from SourceForge. We look forward to your use and contribution of the product for all.