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QLandkarte is aimed to be a GPSMapEdit counterpart for GNU/Linux.


  • Supporting Garmin's GPSmap 60CSx unit. For other USB units you have to get involved.
  • Import map collections (needs *.tdb file, basemap and map tiles)
  • Load single *.img tiles
  • Display maps and object information
  • Search for places via Google Maps API
  • Search for geocaches via opencaching.de
  • Save workspace to *.gpx
  • Select and upload maps to device
  • Waypoints
    • create waypoints
    • move / edit waypoints
    • upload / download waypoints
    • load waypoints from *.gpx
    • save waypoints to *.gpx
  • Tracks
    • download tracks
    • load tracks from *.gpx
    • save tracks to *.gpx
  • Print maps to PDF or paper.