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LibTiffDelphi is a pre-compiled version of LibTiff for use in the Borland Delphi programming environment.

LibTiffDelphi is not a DLL. Instead, it's a series of .obj files that link into your Delphi project as if it were native Delphi ObjectPascal. This is similar to e.g. the pre-compiled LibJpeg that Borland distributes with Delphi. It does not require any extra files in your distribution, does not involve additional installation issues, and does not need any load-time or run-time linking. It works in Delphi 6 and more recent.

Included in the package are two versions of the same LibTiff.

  • One is compiled with full debug options, the second is compiled with a release option configuration. When you enable the 'Debug information' generation option in your Delphi project's Compiler options, the debug version of LibTiff is chosen,
  • otherwise, the release version gets linked in.

The debug version allows you to trace through the LibTiff C code, without leaving your familiar Delphi environment. It also supports breakpoints in the LibTiff C code. It does not, however, support viewing the call stack, nor does it support the 'evaluate/modify' debug feature, nor can it support conditional breakpoints. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful if you want to get an understanding of LibTiff, and/or help debug or extend it.

In current LibTiffDelphi, none of the 'LibTiff Tools' are included. These are not essential parts of LibTiff, but we will include pascal translations for many of these later on.