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GeoAPI provides a set of interfaces from OpenGIS® specifications. The development community in building GIS solutions is sustaining an enormous level of effort. The GeoAPI project aims to reduce duplication and increase interoperability by providing neutral, interface-only APIs derived from OGC/ISO Standards.

initially GeoAPI was an initiative of various open source communities wanting to reduce work duplication. The goal was to make it easier to exchange pieces of software between independent projects, so that a project doesn't need to reinvent a wheel already provided by an other project. In 2004, GeoAPI merged with the GO-1 initiative from OGC. In September 2004, the creation of a GeoAPI working group as been approved by OGC voting members. In May 2005, the GO-1 final specification, which includes GeoAPI interfaces, has been accepted as an OGC standard by electronic vote.