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The GMT package implements colour gradients with the cpt (colour palette) file format, and provides some tools for creating and manipulating them. The cptutils package contains a number of additional utilities, mostly for translation to and from other formats. In 1.28 (October 2006),

  • avlcpt convert avl (ArcView Legend) to cpt
  • cptcss convert cpt to fragment of css
  • cptgimp convert cpt to gimp gradient
  • cptinfo print summary information on a cpt file
  • cpttext colour text according to a cpt file
  • cptsvg convert cpt to svg gradient
  • gimpcpt convert gimp gradient to cpt
  • pspcpt convert PaintShop Pro gradient to cpt
  • svgx convert svg gradient to cpt, gimp gradient, PaintShop Pro/Photoshop gradient or POV-Ray colour-map
  • xycpt convert column data to cpt

The cptutils package was written to aid the construction of the cpt archive cpt-city (where thousands of cpt files can be downloaded). The Unix source distribution for the package can be downloaded here (you will need to have libxml2 installed to compile it).