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  • Append tables
    Zitat: This stand-alone script merges an arbitrary number of user-selected tables into a single table. A new table is created that combines the attributes of all the tables. The tables to be merged need NOT have the same set of attributes (fields). The union of all the visible fields found is used to define the new table's structure. Where fields from separate tables have the same alias and type but differ in width or precision, the largest of the widths and precisions is used in defining the output fields. One more (string) field is added to the output for identifying the source table of each record. These features set this script apart from others previously published.
  • Tabellenfelder umbenennen, Feldbreite ändern
    Zitat :Rename Table Field Extension provides the Arc View 3.1 users with the ability to modify field name and properties (to some extent) of a feature table