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(Gesamte USA)
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* California GIS<br>
* California GIS<br>
**[ California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL)]
**[ California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL)]
**[ Californian Topographic Map - WGS84], [[:de:Torrent|Torrent-Datei]], 16.29 GB, [ Thumbnails hier]
* Colorado Topo Maps<br>
* Colorado Topo Maps<br>
**[ Libre Map Project]
**[ Libre Map Project]

Version vom 27. November 2005, 15:11 Uhr


  • NOAA ENC (all)
    Over 500 S-57 ENC files from NOAA. These are all the current (Oct/2005) free ENC format Nautical charts for the USA. The charts are in S-57 format which can be somewhat challenging to exploit, but are readable using the OGR library as well as products such as FME, or the viewer software from SevenCs (
    - Details
    - Torrent-Datei 292 MB


Gesamte USA

  • Punkte-Shape-Datei Geographischer Namen - 2 Millionen Punkte.
    About 2 million named places exist within US territory; everything from streams, churches, parks, mountains, etc. Of course they are all documented in a file format which is somewhat inaccessible to GIS applications. But using a nice bash shell script plus a python/ogr script, we can download all the wierd text files and convert them into one (huge) point shapefile.
    This data was processed by Matthew Perry.
    - More information on the process used to create this datase
    - Torrent-Datei 92 MB