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AtlasStyler is a WYSIWYG SLD editor. It is a desktop application based on Java/Swing that allows to create SLD files compatible with OGC WMS. The software is licensed under the free and open-source LGPL license. Based on Java, it runs on Linux, Windows and Macintosh. The software is fully localized in French, English and German. The unique feature of AtlasStyler is its high level of abstraction: The user interface is not based on the XML structure of SLD, but rather "speaks" a cartographer's language.

The exported SLD files are valid OGC SLD 1.0. OGC SymbologyEncoding 1.1 is not fully supported.

AtlasStyler 1.3 screenshots


AtlasStyler was born as an internal dialogue of the Geopublisher application (an application to create atlases). Due to public demand for a user-friendly SLD editor, the dialogue has been made available as a stand-alone application under the title AtlasStyler in 2008.

AtlasStyler 1.3 has been released in December 2009.